IDAFO offers comprehensive interior design and fit out services. We take on: interior design, ordering of materials, supervision, construction … in one word – everything. You give us the keys to your empty apartment, and you get it back finished by the agreed – upon date and within budget. The only thing left for you to do is to unpack your things. By selection, you can order only the interior project. We will meet and discuss which style do you like or we can make a on-line project. Your apartment will be ergonomic and practical and nice…but because nice is subjective feeling, we will make the way that you will like it the most. So do not be influenced by what you see in our portfolilo, because your interior design will be definitely different … than all the others.
Izabela Dombrowska created IDAFO to combine functionality and beauty. After graduating in law and then working as a project manager in the real estate industry, she gained great organization skills while supervising commercial and residential construction projects in Poland and abroad. She then selected the best processes, and adapted them to IDAFO. While living abroad and the passion became stronger, she started studying architecture. After returning to Poland, she decided to be a practical architect – holding a calculator in one hand, and creating beautiful spaces with the other. She works with a team of professionals who care about the details, and all agree that “with us, everything is possible”. Want to find out more? Write to us.





You will meet with us 3 times for an hour. If we say that we will finish the project in 2 weeks and in the next 4 weeks you will be able to move in, you can start packing your things. We respect your time, as well as our own.



You don’t necessarily need to tell us how much you would like to spend on finishing the apartment, but it will be easier for us if you do so. You will get a detailed cost estimate, and you will know exacly how much the sink costs, and how much it costs to mount it. The agreed-upon price will not change.



We care as much about the details as about the whole project, which is confirmed by our past work, and the opinions of our clients. And if you still need to see for yourself, we invite you to come visit the construction site while we work.